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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: the 6km trail is organized by Duerocche Council and is suitable for all ages, especially for youths looking for a short-distance challenge, but also for families out for a peaceful walk or for the elderly who simply wish to spend a few hours in the open air. The 12 km trail is slightly more challenging, involving a 420m altitude difference and requiring endurance and awareness of the beaten path, which sometimes cuts through woods.

About 2km from the start is an easily noticeable crossroads in the road at which to choose between these two tracks.


STARTING POINT: the meeting point is at 9.30 am at the town sports facilities in Via della Pace – Cornuda (TV)


MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: to participate in the 6-12km trails Duerocche Council does not ask for the medical certificate, but the athlete must have done the annual medical examination (DM 24th April 2013)


REGISTRATION TERMS AND LIMITED ACCESS: Registrations for the 6 and 12 km trails are possible up to max. 4600 athletes. Registration can be made only ONLINE by the 10th April and payments can be made through credit card (with no bank charges), bank transfer, paypal o or at selected point. In the event that the maximum number of participants is not reached, athletes can register at the UFFICIO GARA (see timetables). If the maximum number will still be not reached, registrations for the 6-12km trails can be made on 25th April only under the payment of a single 5€ fee, T-SHIRT “DUEROCCHE RUNNER” EXCLUDED.


REDUCED REGISTRATION FEE valid up to 10th April and possibly at the Ufficio Gara:

8.00 €: 6-12km trails. T-SHIRT “Duerocche Runner” limited edition by Delineodesign not included

3.00 €: 6-12km trails – T-shirt not included


FULL-PRICE REGISTRATION FEE valid only 25th April:

5€ 6-12km trails – T-SHIRT Duerocche Runner limited edition by Delineodesign not included





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